John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926) View of the Highlands from West Point, 1862. Oil on linen, 20 x 34 in. (50.8 x 86.4 cm). Courtesy of The New-York Historical Society.

 The North River


The Hudson was named the "North River" by the Dutch, who called the Delaware River the "South River." The name "North River" was used in the New York City area up until the early 1900s, with limited use continuing into the modern day. The term persists in radio communication among commercial shipping traffic, especially below Tappan Zee. It was the English who originated the use of the name "Hudson" - even though Hudson had found the river while exploring for the Dutch. We, the North River Colonial Dancers chose a name that represents the areas in New Jersey and New York in which we live and dance.

The North River Historical Dancers


Founded in 2008 as the North River Colonial Dancers, we are a historic dance troupe that performs and instructs English Country dances from the late 17th through 19th centuries. Many of us are historical re-enactors, and our specialty is authentic period-correct attire. We are experienced dancers of various ages and professions who have trained with many renowned callers and have performed and danced at many well-known historic sites in the Northeast.


We have a passion for instructing! We teach everyone and exclude noone- regardless of your experience level.

Steven Tichenor

Chairman and Treasurer

Steve is currently the NRCD Chairman and instructor in the Ridgewood Community School course “English-American Historical Social Dancing (17th-19thC].  Steve is also a member of New Jersey Militia  Heard's Brigade, a revolutionary-war era re-enactment group, in which he has served in every capacity from NCO to Unit Commander.  He also makes special appearance to public school classes speaking to students regarding the Revolutionary War and 18th Century re-enacting. Tichenor's interest in history is personal - both his maternal and paternal ancestors settled in New England in the early 1600s. 

Janice Wolk

Secretary and Public Relations

A longtime resident of New Jersey, Janice Wolk has studied Baroque dance as well as English Country dancing for several years. She is also a  “civilian” member of New Jersey Militia Heard's Brigade and other living history groups. Other hobbies, aside from living history, is a passion for art and art history- she has taken portrait painting workshops in Woodstock, NY and also enjoys dabbling in watercolors. Janice works in Manhattan.