Further Instruction

We are forever looking to perfect our craft. Aside from instructing and sharing the joy we experience with this style of dance, we are always learning and growing. Here are some links to other wonderful instruction, and we hope to meet you at one of these venues! 

And, for interest in all eras of historical dancing:

  • http://www.kickery.com/
  • http://nybaroquedance.org/
  • https://sites.google.com/site/cdwestchester/
  • http://cdny.org/

English-American Historical Social Dancing (17th - 19th Centuries)

We teach a varied-level class, available to all, and will be instructed by members of the North River Historical Dancers (formerly North River Colonial Dancers).  We meet at the Somerville School, 45 S. Pleasant, Ridgewood NJ from 8:00 - 9:30 p.m. There is approximately a total of 20 sessions for a one-time annual fee of $45, regardless of the time of they year you join (that's about $2.25 per night).  The classes run most Friday nights while school is in session from October through May. Classes are held in street clothes, so there is no need for period-correct clothing.

Our approach is unique. We treat our class as a dance team, and we make sure to coach and support each individual according to their level of advancement. Many have told us that our instruction helps students to dance with confidence! Whether you are interested in joining our performance troupe (which would require obtaining 18thc clothing), or if you simply want to join our class and dance with us on Friday nights, don't hesitate to sign up and join our dance family. Come one, come all.

 Below, please find a useful document compiled by Steve Tichenor for our class. 

English Country Dance Terms (3).pdf English Country Dance Terms (3).pdf
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